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Got Food? Emergency preparedness is increasingly important for down times, unemployment, family emergencies, natural disasters and more! We offer peace of mind by helping you to address the main concerns with creating an emergency preparedness plan; Where do I start? How can I afford it? What do I need to store? and How do I use food storage?

Naisha & Ron Ortoli are independent consultants for Shelf Reliance, a national food storage and emergency supply company whose products have been carried by Costco, WallMart and other national outlets. Shelf Reliance offers emergency preparedness kits, their very own Thrive! brand of premium food storage, and food rotation systems that insure your investment doesn't go to waste.

We will come to your home, business or organization to educate you about food storage and emergency preparedness. You'll get to try the food and see how Thrive can be integrated into your family's every day life. By hosting a Shelf Reliance Party with Naisha & Ron, you can also earn great discounts on food and emergency supplies. Or, become a consultant yourself and earn money and product while helping others prepare!

If you would like to book a Shelf Reliance home or business emergency education party, please call Ron or Naisha at (802) 563-2197.

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